Apricorn provides hardware-based 256-bit encrypted external storage products to companies and organizations that require high-level protection for their data at rest. Apricorn’s unique approach to employing 256-bit encryption is particularly valuable for verticals whose data security practices are regulated (e.g., finance, healthcare, education, and insurance.) and for federal, state, and local governments, Apricorn devices set the standard for data security for both North America and the rest of the world. Since every Apricorn Aegis drive is encrypted and authenticated exclusively by way of its own onboard keypad and internal hardware, there is never any software involvement in these critical security parameters.
Hardware-based encryption storage

  • Segment Focus
  • Government, Casino, Banks, Insurance Companies, Law Firms, Drug Companies, Health Care providers
  • Key Competitors
  • IronKey (Kingston) for Memory Key
  • Data Locker for hard disk
  • SM4 in China
  • Reference:
  • Macau Casino, Worldwide (GE, Honeywell, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, etc..)
  • Key Selling Points
  • Ironkey use software emulation mode to authenticate drives (keylogger software could be stealing your pin when you type through keyboard)
  • Apricorn drives have their own keypad
  • FIPS 140-2 certified