Cyber-Security Solution

ISSUE NO#001 | SEP – 2019


SVA becomes ForcePoint’s Hong Kong distributor.        

  • Forcepoint NGFW
    1. SD-WAN Connectivity
    2. High-availability clustering of devices and networks
    3. Build-in IPS with anti-evasion defense
    4. Human-centric user and endpoint context
    5. CASB and Web Security integration
    6. Unified Software for Physical, AWS, Azure and VMware deployment.
  • Forcepoint DLP
    1. Securing regulatory data – everywhere your people work
    2. Protecting intellectual property – Where it resides (at rest, in use, in motion)
    3. Protecting data on different channels (Email / Web / Network)
  • Forcepoint CASB
      1. Discover Shadow IT applications and assess risk
      2. Centrally asses and control users, data and security policies
      3. Flexibility to add cloud applications by being deployed using API and online prooxy


Luncheon| 26 SEP 2019

Hong Kong, Hotel Icon 

Optimizing Application Network Security & Performance

ITZONE | 16 OCT 2019


Security Transformation Forum 2019

Solution Day | 26 OCT 2019

Hong Kong, The Mira

Solution Day 2019



1 AUG 2019 | Workshop

Hong Kong

Quest – Unified Endpoint Management Partner Workshop

– Battle Endpoint

Cyber-crime with KACE – 


Product News



  • Firewall Policy Management
  • Compliance & Audit Readiness Checking
  • Real-time Firewall Change Tracking & Visibility


  • Monitor & Diagnose Application Connectivity
  • Automate Application-related Network Changes
  • Interoperability throuh RESTful APIs
  • Ensure Continuous Compliance

  • Elastic Search
    1. Scale — the ability to ingest and interact with petabytes of data.
    2. Speed — the ability to get results fast. Even at scale. If you expect sub-second responses when you search for restaurants, why should you settle for less when searching for errors in logs.
    3. Relevance — the ability to query your data any way you want and getting relevant results, irrespective of whether that looking at text, numeric, or geo data
    4. Suitable apply on different Solution Scenario

While the number of CCTVs used to detect and prevent crime and terrorism has proliferated exponentially, existing surveillance cameras offer limited features and ultimately require human beings to manually monitor footage. In large monitoring centers with operators in charge of multiple unsearchable camera feeds, the vast majority of CCTV footage goes unwatched. A smarter solution is necessary in order to go beyond the limitations of manual monitoring. Graymatics’ plug-and-play Smart Surveillance technology uses image recognition and artificial intelligence to proactively scan roads, car parks and secure installations, empowering even the most basic CCTV system to keep your premises safe.

   Huawei Cloud                            


  • Provides full-stack cloud services covering laaS, PaaS, and including compute, storage, database, environment with stable, secure, and ever-improving powerful computing platform and east-to-use development platform to support Huawei’s full-stack, all scenario AI strategy.

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