ReaQta (/riˈækta/, as in react-a), is a play on the latin words re acta which means “to react”.

The company was created by joining former offensive cyber-security experts with intelligence background and threat intelligence professionals. The combined experience of both defenders and attackers helped identify a new path to overcome the limitations of the old-generation of security tools. ReaQta addresses the issue of Endpoint Security in a novel way, by looking at devices as entities with dynamic and evolving behaviors. This approach, combined with the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence, guarantees an unmatched visibility and powerful threat hunting and tracking capabilities for organizations of all sizes.

ReaQta’s NanoOS works outside the endpoint’s OS to detect threats in real time without any performance impact to the end-user.

Coupled with a local AI engine, ReaQta-Hive does not rely on signatures which in turn closes the gap between attack and discovery.

Some key points on our solution

  • NanoOS working at ring -1, that can acquire information which no other solution is able to see
  • Pre-trained A.I. engine on the endpoint for future-proof detection, 
  • Eliminating the need for signatures and updates, hence closing the gap between attack and discovery
  • Supply chain attack detection
  • Lightweight on the endpoint (< 20MB RAM, < 1% CPU) 
  • Fully scriptable engine customised to your use case and environment
  • Detect advanced and unknown threats without using signatures, 
  • No need to connect to the cloud, hence your data never leave your premise

ReaQta Hive Introduction

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