Bangcle Security

Bangcle Security  is one of the world’s most comprehensive and largest dedicated mobile application security firms. With world class encryption and obfuscation we enable organizations and mobile app developers to secure their mobile applications that power their business. With no back doors our approach to mobile application security offers a balance of solutions, professional services and products tailored to fit an organization or mobile apps developers’ specific needs.

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Mobile application security is not just about performing scans and finding vulnerabilities, it’s about the prevention, protection and real fixes during the entire mobile application life cycle.


Mobile Application Security Performance Assurance

MobSPA simulates a real attack on the application and the testing process to cover a wide range of application vulnerabilities, potential exploitation damage or leakage, and severity as defined by OWSAP and SANS. The detailed report will include clear recommendations that will guide you to the highest level of security to protect your companies’ assets and integrity based on harmful vulnerabilities in your applications.


Android Mobile Apps Encryption

AppShield for Android features automated, comprehensive and customizable protection for mobile applications. AppShield encrypts the application code to protect any mobile application from reverse engineering, repackaging attacks and adds security functions directly to applications for the active prevention and detection of an application-level intrusion.

Penetration Test

Mobile Apps Penetration Test

Mobile app penetration test is conducted by the world’s most experienced penetration testing team on mobile platforms. The team combines exceptional experience, quality of works, and creativity to be able to detect almost any vulnerabilities on a mobile system. This is inclusive of mobile applications, TLS, data storage, authentication and authorization, as well as penetration of business logic.

The report and the admin platform are user-friendly with clear and details content.

Bangcle’s customers are Banking industrial, such as Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communication.